Better Blog Comments Will Rebound Your SEO Over Time

There was a time on the web where you could leave a lot of comments and get sent a great deal of traffic. In some instances, people were “gaming” the system and buying comments from people.

You can still do this, but it’s going to be harder to rank if you hire someone else to do your bidding. Of course, there are some professional services that can help you with this, but more often than not, you’re going to need to work with a variety of different elements moving forward.

seoIn order to gain leverage with this type of work and gain traffic from your seo efforts, you will need to consider creating better, more organic comments on pages that will link back to you. Not all comments will register, but those that do, will definitely help your overall reach.

The first thing that you need to consider is where you’re leaving comments. If you’re just dropping comments on any site that you find, you’re going to be missing out on the real opportunity that abounds. SEO work requires quality and not just quantity.

You could always spread your comments across thousands of sites, but if the sites aren’t of a certain quality, you will not gain leverage in the long term.

You need to focus on the betterment of your links, and that means that the pages that you comment on have to be bar none, unique and well trafficked. If there’s no one visiting these pages, then there’s no real inherent value to the links that you may get pointed to your page.

Another thing that you need to think about when you’re leaving comments behind is to look at placing longer commentary on blog posts and more. You need to give people more than a few words or even a sentence.

Think about making an original contribution to their comment section and make absolutely sure that you are not just leaving behind drivel. It’s too easy to do that, and in the end, you could hurt your seo reach.

Do not just drop and run, take your time, consider the commentary, and then leave something that will engage the conversation and could even get you hits as a result. If you just post whatever you want, you will end up losing out in the long term.

Another thing you need to remember is that not all of your comments will get indexed within search engines. Sure, a lot of them could, but if you are doing this hours on end each day, and you’re hitting a lot of pages, you will not get the results that you want.

You will need to chase things in a slower manner, and become more methodical over time.

The more methodical you get with these things, the higher the likelihood will be that you get a good return on your investment of time and energy leaving comments behind on

Just remember, you will need to do this with some major thoughts on the matter. Do not just leave behind whatever notes you want, you need to have a longer methodology and one that has you thinking.

It’s easy to leave behind frivolous comments, many people do that on a regular basis. It’s not a good thing, and could end up causing a great deal of damage over time.

If you want your brand to rebound in a proper method of search engine optimization, take a step back from commenting so much and create more “thoughtful” solutions moving forward, it’s the only way that you’ll be able to succeed for the future. Just remember, to keep all of these things in proper perspective.

6 Qualities to Look For in an SEO Company that You Can find at

Search engine optimization (SEO) companies often promote themselves by promising higher sale conversion from online marketing strategies. They always give answers as to how to do it, even without actual guarantee. However, only a few companies go as far as answering the basics (what SEO is all about, what are the benefits, etc.) and complex questions that most prospects want to ask (why their online marketing strategies fail, why the competitors get better results, etc.). The resident team of SEO specialists at is among those that are ever-ready to answer the queries of its clients and prospects alike. That’s one of the things that make SEO Explode, Inc. a cut above the rest.

SEO Explode, Inc. is an ideal service-provider. The company has six qualities that every SEO company should provide. These qualities are as follows:

Results Orientation

seoSome SEO companies operate like they were just made for multi-national corporations (MNCs). MNCs and other large corporations are favored by many service-providers due to the brand recall and budget from these clients. Micro and small enterprises are not given attention because marketing them involves a lot of work and limited budget.

SEO Explode, Inc. doesn’t work that way. The service-provider welcomes companies of all kinds and sizes as part of their clientele. Even clients with penalized websites are still accepted. It gives more emphasis on providing positive and long-term results to their clients rather than have an easy time on the process.


When you outsource the services of SEO specialists, you are unofficially making them a part of your marketing team. These service-providers are meant to work hand-in-hand with your in-house marketing team. Communication is an integral aspect of their collaboration and it should be a two-way process. The in-house marketing team has to present its set of proposals, the SEO specialists have to offer recommendations towards the process and both groups should listen to each other.

Communication is a major selling point of SEO Explode’s services. The company gives recommendations to their clients without the need to state those directly. Its SEO specialists help their clients understand the process and the clients themselves can create solutions. The SEO team will be the one to carry out the solutions.

Range of Services

Effective SEO strategies are combination of four or more online marketing methods. These involve onsite and offsite optimization techniques. SEO Explode, Inc. provides such techniques.

It has services directed towards video marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. Services for enhanced leads conversion include Visitor Re-targeting and Conversion Optimization. Additionally, it provides consulting services about SEO as well as Internet marketing in general. There are local SEO services for small-scale enterprises to large corporations. Other offers include Reputation Management, SEO Web Design and Hosting, Penalty Recovery, Pay Per Click, Link Building and Organic SEO.

Thorough Process

seo-serviceAny SEO company may claim that it employs meticulous process in improving your online sales; however, not every company can prove such claim. SEO Explode, Inc. shows its meticulousness by starting with an analysis of their clients’ websites. Its SEO specialists check the algorithms, codes and other technical aspects of website optimization for possible problems. While resolving possible technical problems, the team also enhances the web design and content of the sites and their social media counterpart. They make the websites more user-friendly for the prospects as well as for their clients.

Tailor-made Services

Every marketing team has a unique set of objectives that the team wants to achieve through Internet marketing. The budget, site problems and needs differ from one client to another as well. It is only fitting to have tailor-made services. After all, one set of SEO strategies might work for one company but not to another. SEO services are meant to be solutions but when it comes to website optimization, there’s no such thing as universal formula.

Reasonable Prices

The services you can find at are offered at reasonable prices. Service-providers who offer the cheapest services might have been utilizing optimization techniques that are not allowed by major search engines. Using prohibited methods may boost their clients’ websites for an instant but not for long. In fact, the websites will be penalized. SEO Explode, Inc. may offer affordable services but theirs are professional services. Its team of experts will not risk the company’s reputation as well as the reputation of their clients by undermining the guidelines of search engines. They optimize in a legal and ethical way. When it comes to SEO services, you should focus more on the quality of services and not on the rates and fees. Thankfully, SEO Explode, Inc. offers both quality services and reasonable service fees.

Have an Idea How SEO Professionals can Help You? Take a Look at These!

SEO experts provide sound advice that can guide you throughout the campaign. If it is about the question of whether it is truly worth it to hire such professionals, then the answer is YES.

By hiring dependable and reliable SEO professionals, you will benefit from the following:

Working with Someone who can Educate You

It is true that hiring an expert is the best choice if you want to improve your website’s ranking. Still, you need to know a bit about the subject and how it works to make you more open-minded when it comes to future developments in your campaign. An expert in the field can help educate you on that aspect.

Properly Planned Campaign

web designBehind every success is a well-planned campaign. Likewise, it is your hired expert’s job to set up your website’s promotional and on-page and off-page plans. They are also responsible in informing you about the best approach to take and strategies to implement to ensure the success of your campaign.

Effectively Implemented Strategy

After planning comes the implementation, but there are still some vital things you need to work on in between these two stages. It is essential to predict the implemented strategies’ effect in the campaign. Apart from forecasting the strategies’ effects, your hired expert will provide you a timeline that shows how to execute the plan to deliver the best results.

Technical SEO Assistance

A lot of sites are not SEO-friendly once published and you want to ensure that yours won’t have the same issue. You want to avoid encountering errors and issues, like duplicate content and redirections during this period. You can avoid those if you have a professional by your side who can offer technical assistance whenever you need. By having access to such expert, you can prevent any negative effects these issues may have on your site.

Someone to Help Ensure your Internet Marketing Success

interentHaving an expert by your side has a huge impact on the success of your internet marketing efforts. One of an expert’s main goals is to help make you the best in your field and reach your bottom line.

All these benefits are already enough to conclude that hiring experts is worth it. However, there are still factors that can affect such end. For instance, you need to know how to hire the right expert and what to avoid in the process to realize all those benefits.

Do Not Hire Based on the Lowest Price

If asked to choose between a cheap and expensive service, it is likely that you’ll take the former, but most do not realize that a cheap service may also mean poor quality of work or unsatisfied expectations. That’s the exact case when you hire a cheap SEO service. There may already be services that deliver satisfying results at a moderate cost. However, when hiring an expert, it is always a must to pick a guaranteed experienced one.

Avoid Hiring an Expert Based on Keyword-Ranking Promises

Many firms practice selling services by promising to improve client’s keyword rankings. Avoid such firms. Keyword rankings are still important. However, it is more advisable to hire an expert focused on ROI. After all, the ROI, which your online marketing efforts generate, is still the one that helps grow your business.

In addition to these must-avoid hiring practices, it is also essential to use other online marketing strategies since search engines are unpredictable. Your consultant, no matter how experienced, will have no way of knowing what those search engines will do next. Better consider adding social media and content marketing into your online marketing campaign.