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Internet marketing is important if you want your site to drive traffic, fast. We know that traffic is essential in making a site successful without any traffic. It is like shouting in front of million people with one or five people hearing your voice. Yes, we know how frustrating it is to have little to no traffic at all. The solution to your problem is to advertise with us. Why advertise with us? Here are five reasons you should consider advertising on our website.

One, we offer many choices for your advertising campaigns.

Depending on your advertisement goals, choose from a variety of advertising banners, and text ads. We also offer native ads, social media ad, and email marketing campaigns.

What are the differences of these three? Banner ads consist of an image and a text while text ads contain simple text to represent what the purpose of the advertisement. Native ads, on the other hand, appear within our blog articles. They may look like a part of the article but in essence, they are advertisement campaigns.

Two, we offer the most competitive price in the market.

Simple text ads are the least expensive of the advertising campaigns we offer. If you are on a budget, use text ads to advertise with us. We tag this internet marketing package as “Affordable but Extremely Valuable.”

Banner ads are a bit expensive but spending on them is worth it. In addition, we design the banner and customize it according to your likes and dislikes. If your online store or website needs images for advertising, banner ads are the right ones for you. You get to display one or two of your best products. Banner ads gather more attention because of the visual effects embedded in the ads. More attention means more traffic for you.

Native ads are also expensive. We incorporate your ad in our articles. This means your ad will have a better chance of getting click-through. Internet users, nowadays, are getting wiser and do not click ad links without knowing about the product firsts. If you want a review of your product and an ad link included in the review article, native ads may be the right package for you.

Three, we offer flexible payment options.

Choose from three types of payment options that we offer. We have four advertising payment options, which are the fixed contract, CPC, CPA, and CPM. CPC is a pay-per-click scheme, where you pay only when a visitor clicks on the advertisement link. CPA is a pay-per-action scheme, where we charge for every action made. CPM is a cost per thousand of impressions.

The fixed contract is what we offer to our first-time advertisers, which last for three months. Our advertisers will have to pay a fixed amount for the next three months. After the three-month period, you have the option to renew or discontinue the advertising contract you made with us. Upon renewal, you have the option to choose from our four advertising payment schemes.

Why do we offer fixed contract for first-time advertisers? So, we can monitor the payment scheme effective for you. There will be instances that CPM or CPC may not be the best option for you. Sometimes, fixed contract offers the best and valuable advertising scheme for you.

Four, we help you with the optimization of your ad campaign.

Optimization is integrating keywords that are specific to your website. We make your advertisement visible to the search engines. In addition, to lessen the load on our website, we help you optimized the images or videos for your ad.

Five, we offer the highest impressions.

We have thousands of subscribers on our website and in all of our social media accounts. A social media ad is the best method of reaching out targeted visitors for your website.

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