What do you think will happen when three web designers, who want to inspire others, get together and decide to share their knowledge? Yep, you guessed it right (or not) – this blog. You see, we created webydesigns.com to give you the very best about web design, including techniques, news, resources, inspiration, and views.

Who We Are

We are like-minded folks who are truly nuts about the art of web design. We aim to develop the art by means of thoughtful exchange of inspiration and techniques. We are passionate about driving discussions, celebrating great web design, and discovering new things. If you are a web designer like us, you came to the right place because we want to help you have the competitive edge in your web design career.

A Look Back

If you are curious about how webydesigns.com started, we will tell you all about it. If not, we will still tell you about it. Seriously, here is our story:

We started off as a web forum in January 2012. We discuss all things about web design and development – the latest trends, techniques, the coolest codes, new possibilities, and a lot more. By ‘we,’ it doesn’t only mean the three of us. We have with us, of course, some other designers and artists as guests in our forum. We share the same passion and love for web design. Interested individuals can sign up for membership to join the discussions, but everyone is welcome to read the forums. The main idea behind all this is to be less selfish about our knowledge, and be more generous and share with our little community.

In May of that same year, we started our electronic mailing list (email newsletters), where people can subscribe or unsubscribe on their own. We would send out articles and tutorials that are not readily available in our website. The newsletters are exclusive to our members.

What We Do Now

Well, our community has grown so much since then. From web forums to e-newsletters, and now, we have this blog. It is still open to members and guests. Anyone around the world can still come in here to check out publications about all subjects of web design and development – Ajax, CSS, graphics, advertising, JavaScript, typography, and many more.

We still share our ideas and knowledge; and while every member has a different expertise, we have the same passions and same goals. We also know that there are so many more of us out there. So, if you are one of us, we want you to know that you are welcome here in our blog. Of course, even non-web designers can still come here and have a peek at our articles.

Write for Us

You can become a part of webydesigns.com. If you have a creative mind, we invite you to engage with us. We appreciate contributions from any kind of web professionals – designers, writers, developers, strategists, project managers, architects, and various specialists. The web is constantly changing every day and as much as we can, we push the boundaries of building and designing websites. If you want to share your knowledge on different topics on web design and development – ranging from the very basic construction to the most intricate interaction effects – do not hesitate to send it to us. Any idea, whether big or small, is you are always welcome; and if you think you have an interesting voice, we certainly want to hear from you.

Talk to Us

As much as we appreciate your contributions, we would also like to hear your opinions. You can tell us anything: comments, suggestions, and yes, even violent reactions. Send us an email or just use the comments section on every article to let us know about your feedback on any of our content.

We believe that knowledge is for sharing, so share us your love for web design. That is what webydesigns.com is all about.